Braided leather bracelet with buttons
Leather wrap bracelet with metal tag
Leather wrap bracelet in blue with studs
Antique Quartz Bracelet with zodiac pendants
Botswana agate bracelet
Howlite earrings in turquoise
Suede Leather Fish Scale Studded Bracelet
Surfer-style bracelet with hemp cord
Labradorite necklace
Smoky topaz earrings silver plated
Wide Men's Wrap Bracelet
Howlite Bracelet with dragonfly and crystals
Crystal Rock Hexagone Pendant
Howlite earrings in turquoise
Handmade  bracelet from matte frost agate, light red
Surfer bracelet brown-marine
Braided leather and cord bracelet black
Unakite Jasper Bracelet with metal spacers
Tiger eye bracelet in dark red
Unisex Leather Bracelet Wristband, purple
Leather bracelet braided in blue
Leather necklace with two shields
Wrap bracelet Royal blue and Gold
Agate beads wrap bracelet in green
Casual bracelet with leather and hemp cords
Cat's eye bracelet with cross pendant in dark grey
Leather bracelet with simple pattern light brown
Leather bracelet with glass beads
Anchor nautical bracelet khaki
Surfer bracelet leather and cotton cord
Howlite Bracelet with dragonfly pendant
Amazonite necklace with chain
Ruby and green onyx earrings
Earrings with two moon stones
Leather Bracelet with metall stars, light brown
Unisex bracelet from leather and colored cords
Infinity Bracelet, purple
Earrings with feathers and agate beads
Leather bracelet with deer
iPhone 6 wooden case Sapelli with Edelweiss
Infinity Bracelet, blue
Jasper Gemstone Pendant with chain
Owl earrings with lava beads
Gemstone Dragon Veins Agate Bracelet in orange red
Howlite earrings in turquoise
Casual braided leather bracelet black
Matte agate bracelet in light blue
Corundum Bracelet with owl pendant
Bracelet with turquoise beads
Dragon Veins Agate Bracelet with leaf pendant
Agate studs drops
Christmas bracelet with Santa
Angel Wing Leather Necklace
Skull bracelet of howlith stone beads in turquoise
Leather Wrap Bracelet in dark red
Leather-metall bracelet in black
Wrap Bracelet from Cat eyes beads and hemp cord
Labradorite bracelet with pendant
Earrings with anchors in red
Plain leather cuff bracelet