Bracelet from amethyst beads with small owl
Handmade earrings from jade
Ruby long earrings with three stones
Vintage earrings Clocks
Long earrings with gemstone pieces, turquoise
Bracelet with big coral beads
Earrings Infinity
Leather necklace with Swiss cross
Bracelet with leather and hemp colored cords
Men bracelet cotton and metal navy
Cuff bracelet brown leather
Black onyx square earrings
Leather necklace with arrow
Men's wide leather bracelet in black
Blue Quartz Bracelet
Gemstone black agate bracelet
Men's surfer bracelet green
Surfer-style bracelet with hemp cord
White Coral Bracelet
Classic bracelet cotton and leather
Labradorite silver earrings
Wide man's leather bracelet in brown
Grain Leather Bracelet Cuff black
Leather band with steel studs
Silver moonstone earring
Agate bracelet with pendant
Agate wrap bracelet black and white
iPhone 6 6S Cover Case Black Edelweiss
Holz, hochwertiger Kunststoff (innen)
Labradorite bracelet big beads
Handmade earrings from coral beads
Zebra Jasper Gemstone Necklace, green
Leather Unisex Bracelet Wristband with magnet, black
iPhone 6 6S Wooden Case Bamboo Matterhorn
Agate bracelet with big dove pendant
Handmade bracelet from multicolored Indian Agate
Long jade necklace with magnet closure
Anchor Leather Bracelet, brown
Crab fire agate bracelet in white
Necklace with owl pendant, red
Amethyst Pendant with leather cord
Wrap bracelet with studs brown-red
Classic bracelet cotton and leather
Wide vintage cuff bracelet
Amazonite earringe frosted
Anchor nautical bracelet
Crystal Rock Hexagone Pendant
Cuff Manschette Lederarmband braun
Corundum Bracelet with owl pendant
Wrap Bracelet with cat's eyes beads in mint color
Turquoise wrap bracelet with leather cord
Smoky topaz earrings studs
Gemstone Quarzt Bracelet in light green
Agate bracelet in beige large beads
Cabochon earrings with blue roses
Crab fire agate bracelet in white
Black leather bracelet with heraldic lily
Men's leather necklace with metal tooth
Braided leather bracelet in red
Cabochon earrings with blue flowers