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Larvikite Gemstone Necklace

Larvikit Edelstein Halskette
  • Larvikit Edelstein Halskette
  • Larvikit Edelstein Halskette
  • Larvikit Edelstein Halskette
  • Larvikit Edelstein Halskette


Larvikite pendant, suede cord
Grey with sheen
46x38x6 mm
Sold out
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Price: CHF 26.-

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  • In our accessories online shop you can buy Larvikite Gemstone Necklace. Very beautiful larvikite pendant in silver-plated frame. Larvikite is a famouse stone that is used in decoration of homes and buildings. It is a magmatic rock type that is formed at depth about 30 kilometers deep. All larvikites come from Larvik area of Norway. The color of the stone can vary between light gray and dark gray (almost black) but with clear silver blue shimmer inside. The pendant is solid and consists of a quality piece of larvikite and plain frame only on the sides. At the opposite side you will see a perfectly polished back of the stone pendant.
    The size of pendant is 46x38x6 mm. Suede cord is 50 cm long, very soft and comfortable. We can change the suede cord to the leather cord or silver-plated chain if you wish. Please write about it in the comment to your order.

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