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Unique Amethyst Necklace #2

Amethyst Halskette Unikat #2
  • Amethyst Halskette Unikat #2
  • Amethyst Halskette Unikat #2
  • Amethyst Halskette Unikat #2
  • Amethyst Halskette Unikat #2


Amethyst, silver-plated metal alloy
46x25x7 mm
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Price: CHF 45.-

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  • In our accessories online shop you can buy Unique Amethyst Necklace #2. Gemstone necklace made from cutted piece of real amethyst. There is no similar necklace because each pendant is unique piece of nature with own size and coloring. Amethyst is a semi-precious stone that are known and beloved for its beautiful color. The color varies from light lavender to dark purple. Sometimes the inclusion of other minerals could add a different color. In our stone pendant you can see brown or even almost black layers.
    The amethyst pendant has a silver-plated frame (only on three sides), that made of very thin layer of nickel-free metal. It saves the stone from corruption. We added a silver-plated chain 62 cm long. The chain has lobster clasp. The necklace looks great with any outfit, it is a real eye-catcher!.

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